Kashmiri Shawls, The choice of Queens!

“Of all sub-continent textiles none excel in beauty, colour, texture and designs of the famous Kashmiri Shawls”. Kashmiri shawls have been renowned as jewel of the women since centuries and were favourite of French Queen, Marie Antoinette. With a long tradition of artistic excellence, The shawl is the most admired hand-made fabric of the region. […]

Numdah & Gabba Indigenous Handicrafts of Kashmir

Numdah is a piece of pressed felt made either out of wool or cotton or entirely of wool. Wool and cotton or unspun wool is evenly spread over a mat and then rolled and pressed under foot for felting. The felted piece is then milled, washed and dried. Plain as well as embroidered Numdahs can […]

The Name of Quality and Elegance Kashmiri Carpets

Kashmiri Carpets the name of Quality and Elegance Azad Kashmir has a place in the export trade of hand knotted woolen carpets in the world markets. They have received a tremendous fill up during all these years with the products and consumers encouragement. Kashmiri Carpets are made in wool and silk, most of them are […]

Furniture: The Pride of Kashmir

The State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty in the world and truly called a heaven on the earth. The region proudly boasts about many natural resources like Gems, Forests, Herbs and many other distinctive products found abundantly. Azad Kashmir with it’s dense forests and wide variety of Deodar, Walnut […]