The Name of Quality and Elegance Kashmiri Carpets

Kashmiri Carpets the name of Quality and Elegance Azad Kashmir has a place in the export trade of hand knotted woolen carpets in the world markets. They have received a tremendous fill up during all these years with the products and consumers encouragement. Kashmiri Carpets are made in wool and silk, most of them are woven on the cotton warp while some silk carpets have silken warp as well. The raw material inputs are chiefly cotton, wool and silk yarn dyed in the desired shade through a process exclusively traditional. The loom used in Kashmiri Carpet weaving is composed of two horizontal wooden beams, between which the warp threads are stretched, one beam in front of the weaver and the second behind the first.

The difference between a carpet and other hand loom textiles lies in the fact that short lengths of thread or yarn are tied to warp chains to form the pile of the carpets. These are commonly called “Knots”, though it is a loop rather than an actual knot. Very simple tools are used to make carpets in Kashmir.

These include a blade to make the initial cut once the thread has been knotted, a wood or metal comb to push knots and weft tightly together, and a pair of short scissors to cut the carpet to an even form once it is finished.

Connoisseur’s delight, a cherished acquisition and, above all, an intimate friend, It gives years of wears and yet provides an aura of elegance. It floor homes and yet adorns the décor.

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