Furniture: The Pride of Kashmir

The State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty in the world and truly called a heaven on the earth. The region proudly boasts about many natural resources like Gems, Forests, Herbs and many other distinctive products found abundantly.

Azad Kashmir with it’s dense forests and wide variety of Deodar, Walnut and Pine trees. Furniture of Walnut and Deodar has special class as most of it is wood carved and crafted by the artisans with unique style giving the life to handicrafts and wood carving . The strong, rich, dark and grainy wood of the walnut tree is considered to be ideal for carving. It has caught the attention of the world for it’s beauty, unique designs, and handmade work enhancing the beauty of the homes, offices and display centers. The region is ideal for the industry of furniture.

The fame of Kashmiri wood crafts and wood carving rests of the use of Walnut and Deodar Woods as raw material. The Walnut and Deodar trees grow at an altitude of 5500 to 8000 feet above the sea level. Due to it’s durability and natural colour, it is regarded as the most suitable both for carving and wood work. The furniture is carved skillfully in a variety like “Padri”- where it is not deep, see through undercut and deep carving with indigenous tools.

A variety of articles both decorative and utilitarian, ranging from big to smaller items like, Doors, double beds, single beds, side boards, chest of drawers, wine bars, bed steads, table lamps to screens, writing desks, wall panels, cigarette boxes, trays, bowls etc.

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